Upon entry to kindergarten, you can do many things to prepare your child.  You can prepare them to:

  • Go to the bathroom by themselves

  • Hold a pencil properly

  • cut with scissors

  • recognize letters in their name

  • know basic shapes

  • recognize some numbers

  • know most of their colors

  • sit and listen to a story

  • follow 2 to 3 step oral directions

  • teaching them to master tying, nose wiping, washing hands, clothing


Socially, the children will be part of a cooperative classroom culture when they are in Kindergarten.  You can help them to be successful by preparing them to:

  • Know how to play nicely with other children, and how to use their words to solve problems.

  • Know how to share and care with others.

  • Play games to learn turn taking and "losing gracefully"


More tips for a successful start:

  • Talk to your child as often as possible.  For example, talk about the colors of the vegetables in the grocery store.

  • Make reading part of the daily routine.  Try to find 10-15 minutes each day to sit down, read and talk about a book.

  • Play listening games.  Hide a small object and give your child directions on how to find it.

  • Sing songs and play rhyming games.

  • Point out letters and numbers in everyday places.

  • Offer your child lots of encouragement.  Children who are self-confident learn to read and write more easily.

  • Take your child to parks where s/he can socialize with other children.


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