Who are we?


Welcome to Vine Hill Elementary School. In our student's quest for personal growth and development, social responsibility, knowledge, and life long learning skills, Vine Hill School strives to promote: development of self-esteem and integrity, respect for the environment, appreciation for the world's interrelated cultures, involvement in a rapidly changing and culturally diverse society.

Mission Statement (Why do we exist?)

Vine Hill School teachers, administrators and staff strive to provide a learning experience that cultivates character, fosters academic excellence, and believes in the equal worth and dignity of all students.  The Vine Hill team joins the parents and community in developing skills that will allow students to become independent, responsible, life-long learners.

The school vision is the unifying theme that guides school and community interactions, collaborative decision making, long and short term planning, and student expectations and outcomes. Its implementation and manifestation in our school is a shared responsibility of all - school personnel, students, parents, and the community. The future of our children is built on our visions, let's work together for their excellence!

Vision Statement (What do we want to become to accomplish our purpose?)

We vow to demonstrate:




Others focus





Yearning for the best

We know the value of a strong and healthy parent/school relationship. I personally invite you to help us build our sense of community and to strengthen our partnership. We have an excellent staff, wonderful students, and dedicated parents. Together we can provide excellence in education and turn visions into realities. Please become involved in your child's school.

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