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Prior Year Results

How do I Participate?

On Saturday, March 11th, our top Vine Hill science fair winners attended the Santa Cruz County Science Fair at the county fairgrounds in Watsonville. Congratulations go to our award-winning Bears!

  • Betty Ray, “Wet vs Dry Batteries” - Project of Merit, Energy & Transportation

  • Sophia McPherson - “Simple Electromagnetic Train”- 3rd Place, Energy & Transportation and Special Project Award from Palace Arts

  • Erin Syzmanski, “Sports Balls and Temperature” - 2nd Place, Physics & Astronomy

  • Rex Denger & Mason Lantz, “Cooling the World Through Roofs” - 1st Place, Physics & Astronomy


Also, a few Vine Hill alumni who are now at the middle school qualified to go to the California State Science Fair in Los Angeles next month - those students are: Peyton Pettyjohn, Naomy Licht and Kelly Zybura.

Wow Science is done for the school year, as we only have enough funding to go through science fair season. We’ll start back up in September. If you would like to be a part of the 2018 Vine Hill Science Fair planning committee, please email Joyce Masongsong-Ray -

Vine Hill Science Fair 2017 Results

On Saturday, January 28th we had another fun and exciting Vine Hill Science Fair! There were excellent projects this year, with 60 students participating. A big thank you goes out to our judges who volunteered their time. They were: our principal, Julie Ebert, teachers Mr. Andrews, Ms. Hoffman, Ms. Walsh, and Ms. Wilmoth, parents Glen Alers, Laura Boothby, Lisa Griggs, Becky Schmauch, and Jim Stewart, community members Tammy Arghavani, Ferd Bergholz, Dave Hoffman and Daniel Lloyd, as well as outstanding high school students Stryker Buffington, Hanna Fleming, Anna Hakimi, Kelly McEntee, Matthew Shulman and Thea Suresh.


Special thanks also goes out to Christina Amaya for running the bake sale, which raised over $230 for the 5th grade science camp scholarship fund. We also thank: Starbucks Coffee on Scotts Valley Drive for their donation, Brainstorm Science for sharing their reptiles and Engineering for Kids for providing activities. There was also a lively science show by Mad Science of the Bay Area. Without the support of the Vine Hill PTA, the science fair would not be possible.


The quality of the projects gets better every year. It is amazing to see so many students take the time to do these projects at home, just for fun. Congratulations to this year’s winners who will represent Vine Hill at the Santa Cruz County Science Fair on Saturday, March 11th at the county fairgrounds.



  • 1st Place: “Simple Electromagnetic Train”- Sophia McPherson

  •  Award Winners:

    • “Air vs Water”- Gabrielle Salles and Inde Snell

    • “Which Sugar?”-  Lyra Alers and Sophia Grigg

    • “Wet vs Dry Batteries”- Betty Ray

    • “Cooling the World Through Roofs”- Rex Denger and Mason Lantz

    • “Sports Balls and Temperature”- Erin Szymanski

    • “Build a Raft Powered by Surface Tension” - Kavin Pugazhenthi

  • Honorable Mentions:

    • “Power of Price”- Mia Keller

    • “Importance of Ingredients”- Abby Howell and Ava Keller



  • 1st Place:  “Which Paper Airplane Will Fly Farther?”- Elly Young

  • Award Winners:

    • “The Inescapable Pull of the Magnetic Field”- Marco Grossman

    • “The Great Lego Hill Run”- Theo and Tessa Karakotsios

  • Honorable Mentions:

    • “What’s in Water?”- Wyatt Boothby

    • “Hot Rocks”- Aaron Wheeler


Congratulations and hope to see more fantastic projects in 2018!