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Life Lab
Life Lab
Scissor Salsa

We are making apple sauce!

We are Farmers...

Life Lab

The goal of the Vine Hill Life Lab Garden Classroom (Life Lab) program is to provide a hands-on life science experience using the garden to allow each class (pre-K to 4th grade) access to the common core standards of life science. We currently have 11 units that we teach in the Life Lab.


The Life Lab consists of a water conservation area, compost area, raised garden bed area and a garden classroom area. There are approximately 40 raised garden beds. The garden classroom consists of a lattice shed area where we teach cooking and nutrition and a stump circle and chalk board for outdoor classroom activities. We have recently installed a butterfly garden, succulent garden and music boards made out of recycled items. The Life Lab program consisted of (19) classes ranging from 30 minutes for Pre-K to 1st grade and 50 minute classes for 2nd to 4th grade classes.


The Life Lab program has been able to provide every student the opportunity to use core curriculum skills to engage in real life lessons. Each classroom is given a raised garden bed to prep, plant, maintain and harvest. Every year we plant a winter crop and a summer crop. The additional raised beds are planted with vegetables and fruit that are used in the lessons on cooking and nutrition.

Lady Bugs have Arrived!
Lady Bugs have arrived
Scissor Salsa! (Pico de Gallo)

Salsa Day!Ingredients:

5 tomatoes 

1 large red onion

2 peppers (bell, any color)

½ bunch cilantro

juice of 2 limes

salt to taste


Corn tortilla chips for dipping

- Adult: chop up tomatoes, onion and peppers into large pieces (removing onion skin and bell pepper seeds).

- Student: using clean and safe scissors cut up the tomatoes, onion and peppers into a small dice.  

- Student: using the same scissors cut up the cilantro.

- Combine all ingredients, minus the chips in a bowl and stir to combine.

- Serve with tortilla chips!

- Enjoy!