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Policy of the Library


Our Vine Hill School Library Procedures:

  • T/K is introduced to the library with weekly a storytime
  • Kindergarten classes start with weekly storytime and begin to check out books after winter break 
  • First graders are allowed to check out one book per week
  • Second graders through fifth graders are able to check out two books per week
  • All books are due back in one week
  • Students are responsible for the replacement cost if they lose or damage a book


What do we do?

With over 10,000 books and videos available to students and teachers, we take pride in our school library! It's a fun, engaging place for all students to come and enjoy whether during their weekly scheduled class time or during lunch recess. Our librarian orders books throughout the school year to keep up with new releases and the newest popular reads for all grade levels. Our librarian enjoys reading popular classic books to the children but also engages them with read-aloud and discussions that focus on anti-bullying, social skills, and self-esteem building.


What Should I Read Next?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to read next!  If your student needs book recommendations, they can fill out a “What Should I Read Next?” questionnaire, which helps our librarian create a customized recommendation list.  Each week, a student is selected to hear the books recommended for them and have an opportunity to check them out.  Not only does the student get personal recommendations, but the entire class is introduced to new books.  

We Love to Read Bookshelf

We want to hear what our students love reading!  Students are encouraged to submit the titles of their favorite books for us to display on our “bookshelf”.  When new titles are submitted our librarian invites students to share their favorite books with the class.  It’s a great way for students to get book recommendations from their peers!

Reading Books