School Site Council

The School Site Council is a group of adults who work with the Vine Hill faculty to:

  • Develop and modify the Single School Plan for Student Achievement.

  • Review and monitor the implementation of the plan.

  • Evaluate the plan's effectiveness.

  • Create, consolidate, and evaluate the parent and student surveys, making changes to the school plan as needed.


When: TBD

Time: 3:15pm
Where: TBD

The School Site Council meets at least six times a year.  The council is made up of six parents of Vine Hill students or members of the community who do not work at the school. The Vine Hill School parent body elects these members for a two-year term. In addition, two alternate members are elected. The faculty elects six staff members.


Tracey Neilsen
School Principal 

School Staff:


Classroom Teachers:


Parent or Community Members: